Is Turkey Hunting Dangerous?

is turkey hunting dangerous

Hunting for turkeys is a popular pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts in the US, but is turkey hunting dangerous? While there are risks involved with any type of hunting, including turkey hunting, they can be mitigated to a point where it becomes very safe. Most Dangerous Part of Turkey Hunting One of the biggest risks […]

Can You Turkey Hunt With a Bow?

can you turkey hunt with a bow featured

When it comes to turkey hunting, many hunters prefer to use a shotgun. However, hunting with a bow has become increasingly popular in recent years. But can you turkey hunt with a bow? Of course you can! This article will get you familiar with everything you need to know about hunting turkeys with a bow. […]

Best Time To Get In The Woods For Turkey Hunting

best time of day to hunt turkeys featured

Trying to figure out the best time to get out there and hunt some turkeys? The best time to go turkey hunting in the woods can vary depending on a few factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions for that day, and turkey behavior in your hunting area. In this article, we will […]

Turkey Hunting in the Rain – Worth Your Time?

turkey hunting in the rain featured

Thinking about turkey hunting in the rain? There are a lot of misconceptions about hunting during a rain storm. While it might not be your typical turkey hunt, nailing a beard dragger in the rain is very, very doable. Some hunters report their best hunts have been in the rain. Don’t let a bit of […]

Is Turkey Hunting Fun?

why is turkey hunting fun featured

Ever wonder why so many people consider turkey hunting extremely fun? Turkey hunting is an extremely popular sport, nowadays. Although this sport is a lot different today, compared to some decades ago, it is rich in tradition. As the years passed by, turkey hunters created new techniques to make the whole hunting process easier and […]

How to Turkey Hunt for Beginners


Beginner turkey hunting is a blast. With so many things to learn, and so much to see, learning how to turkey hunt for beginners is vital. After all, if you are going to learn to do something, you might as well learn how to do it right. This is where The Turkey Hunt comes in, […]

Turkey Hunting From a Blind Explained

turkey hunting from a blind

Many hunters of all ages enjoy turkey hunting from a blind. It’s relatively straight forward, offers a very high level of cover and concealment, and allows the hunter to move around a little bit more than they would normally get away with without a blind. That said, hunting from a blind comes with its’ own […]

What Do You Need to Turkey Hunt?

what do you need to turkey hunt featured

Interested in trying out turkey hunting? While somewhat similar to other forms of bird hunting, there are some things specific to turkey hunting you’ll need. In this article, we go over everything you’ll need to turkey hunt so you aren’t left wishing you brought something on your next hunt. Few things are worse than going […]

When is Turkey Season?

when is turkey season featured

When is turkey season? Why are there different turkey hunting seasons, and when do they begin/end? Turkey season is one of the best times of the year, and knowing when your state seasons begin is the first part of setting up your hunt. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about turkey […]