Turkey Hunting Blinds

Turkey Hunting Blinds That You'll Never Be Seen In

So, you want some of the best turkey hunting blinds on the market? Tired of spooking that beard dragger? These blinds are sure to hide you well during your next hunt. Most great turkey hunting stories come from being in the blind with your buddies, waiting for the birds to come by. If you haven’t been in a hunting blind before, you need to experience it for yourself. That said, not every single blind gives the same experience, or outcome. You have to know which ones to buy.

There are a lot of important factors in finding the right hunting blind for your hunt. We’ll explain all of this, and more, in today’s breakdown of turkey hunting blinds.

Why Turkey Hunt From a Blind?

Not everyone enjoys running around chasing a flock of wild turkeys. It can an awesome experience, yes, but it is a LOT of work to run and gun without being seen.

This is precisely why so many people turkey hunt from a blind. It’s easier, and offers a ton of cover and concealment. This makes the likelihood of you being seen drastically decrease.

After all, turkeys have some of the best eyesight out of any bird. It is hard to remain completely camouflaged – even for the best turkey hunters. Sitting in a blind allows you to move around some without being spotted. You can carry some drinks, food, and other items that make your blind hunting experience even better.

You could never get away with this while running around.

blind turkey hunt

The Best Turkey Hunting Blinds

There is no best turkey hunting blind, persay, however, there are some outstanding choices when it comes to the top hunting blinds on the market. We will divide this up by category, and tell you why we love the ones on our list.

Here is a list of the best turkey hunting blinds:

Best Pop Up Blind

Pop up blinds are great when you don’t have an established hunting area that you are familiar with, or you may want to move around some during the afternoon while you wait for the birds to move around for your late afternoon hunt.

They are light weight, collapse into a bag, and easy to deal with. Here is out vote for best pop up blind:

Rhino Blinds Rhino-75 Hub Blind

The RHINO-75 HUB BLIND is spring loaded, lightweight, and simple to use. There are also 4 zippered windows, 1 on each side. All of these add up, big time, when you are trying to set up your blind before the birds come to life, or before they head back to the roost. It offers protection from the elements, and will keep you dry in heavy rains. Not all pop up blinds are good at keeping you dry, however, this one passes the test.

Weight – 11 pounds
Size – 60″x 60″

Best Ground Blind

As opposed to pop up blinds, a turkey hunting ground blind is made to stay in place for the season. Many hunting grounds will leave a ground blind in place for multiple seasons.

You find the area that you think the birds will be most likely to be seen in, and you set up your ground blind accordingly. These are not as mobile, but are generally larger, much better constructed, and generally better camouflaged. Here is our vote for the best ground blind:

BlackOut X5S Ground Blind

Blackout made an outstanding ground blind when they developed this one. The material is surprisingly durable and thick. It will actually keep you warm in the winter months, should you have a couple hunters inside or decide to utilize a small heater. You can see all avenues of approach. There are so many windows that almost completely eliminate dead space.

I could write an entire article all about Blackout and their outstanding blinds. It is tough to narrow it down to one, but the XS5 takes the cake. It’s pretty easy to setup, comes with ground cover, and has one of the largest zip up door ways I have ever seen – better for big boys like myself.

Size – 88″x56″x76″ | 41.47 sqft
Other Info – Shoot through mesh windows. 360 degree visibility.

Best Mirror Blind

What’s a mirror blind, you say? Legend has it, some sorcerers developed this piece of technology, and the turkey hunters took a hold of it. Turkeys everywhere are now doomed because of this type of mirror blind technology.

These blinds literally use a form of mirrors, instead of hunting camo patterns to blend into the surroundings. 


I still do not know enough about hunting with a mirror blind to recommend a specific Ghostblind for you, however, I can tell you that you need to get yourself a mirror blind by them. Ghostblind makes the best mirror blinds out there, and you will absolutely get a kick out of how well these things work.

They are super simple to use, portable, lightweight, and extremally good at hiding you from turkeys. They fold up and come with straps that allow you to carry the collapsible blind around like a backpack. These, truly, and insanely cool.

These use stakes and tiedowns to keep them in place while you sit in your favorite hunting chair and wait.

Size – 102″ wide x 46″ tall
Other Info – No specific camo pattern needed. They will mimic your surroundings. Makes you invisible.

Summary - Our Takes on the Best Hunting Blinds

This was a tough ‘best of’ guide to write, do to the massive amount of hunting blinds that exist. They are everywhere. There are all types of shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, materials – if you can think of it, the blind exists.

These are simply the ones that we feel are really great, and will (for sure) help you become more successful when hunting for turkeys and other game types. As always, make sure you stay safe when on the hunt, have fun, and send us some pics of your beard draggers if you want us to give you a shout out.