Turkey Hunting Camo

Wanna nail a beard dragger? Well, you’re going to need the best turkey hunting camo you can find that matches the terrain of your hunting environment. There is no negotiating this. Using the right hunting camouflage allows you to seem like nothing but another terrain feature from the eyes of the bird, which drastically increases the effectiveness of your hunts. When you’re disguised as part of the environment, the turkeys you’re stalking have a false sense of security, allowing them to believe that the coast is clear – when it really isn’t.

Not just any hunting camouflage patterns will do the trick, though. There are different types of camo patterns and each one is best suited for a particular type of terrain, landscape, or season. Want to know the right turkey hunting camo to wear? The Turkey Hunt will square you away.

Different Types of Turkey Hunting Camo

As we mentioned earlier, the goal of camouflaging yourself is to reduce the likelihood of you being seen by what it is you’re hunting for. In this case, we’re hunting for turkeys. You need to match the landscape you’ll be hunting in. You also need to remember that seasons will drastically change the look of your landscape. For example, a spring turkey hunt will be really inviting for vibrant colors, whereas a fall season might require more browns and dark greens.

Let’s cover the different types of camo you’ll be better off with, and the advantages / disadvantages of each.

Mossy Oak (Obsession)

Mossy Oak camo is one of those camo options that are great all year round and a safe bet in most open/semi open terrains.

With a color palette and a pattern that looks like a combination of dirt and leaves, this type of camo is perfect for blending in with swamps, thin forests, and other types of terrain that are thick with green vegetation. Mossy Oak works best for spring and summer in the afternoon although, during the autumn months, it can also be used for hunting other animals as well.

It’s essentially the type of camouflage that should be a staple in your hunting wardrobe.

Advantages of Mossy Oak Camo

  • A great option for thick forests with low light conditions.
  • Blends well in most types of green forests.
  • Works just as well when you’re standing next to trees as when you’re laying on the ground.

Disadvantages of Mossy Oak Camo

  • It might stand out if you’re in open terrain with a lot of light.
  • Not great for hunting turkey during autumn.

Realtree Camo

If you’re looking for camo that blends well with trees, or in an earth-tone terrain, then a Realtree camo pattern should definitely be on your radar. This type of camouflage has images of trees and leaves literally printed on the fabric, offering the user great cover even during the Fall.

Whereas many types of camo create a blob effect at a distance, this is not a worry with the Realtree. Wearing it allows you to blend in well with dark terrain at any distance, making it a favorite among archers and other long-range hunters.

The only downside to this is that the Realtree is better suited for spring or fall and works best in shadowy-looking areas. If you live somewhere green or with a lot of vibrant colors, you might stick out like a sore thumb. There also isn’t a lot of texture which might give the hunter away when the turkey get’s close.

Advantages of Realtree

  • Great for when you’re looking to hide within thick trees, or shrubbery.
  • The wood and leaves print makes it easier to blend into your surroundings when you’re standing still.

Disadvantages of Realtree

  • If you aren’t hunting in the wood line, or in the trees, it may not suit you well.
  • Traditionally used for duck hunts in the wetland, although some patterns are suitable for turkey hunting.

Turkey Hunting Ghillie Suit - 3D Camo

If you’re looking for texture, this is the turkey hunting camo to get. All over the fabric of this type of camo are 3D leaves of varying colors and shapes. If you lie down on the ground of the forest or stand still beside a short tree, you’re basically invisible.

The structure of this type of camo is also great for staying cool, being much more breathable than the other types. The Ghillie Suit is also great in any season, so long as it is surrounded by thick vegetation.

The only downside to this type of camo is that it might be cumbersome to move around with and make it hard to wield your other hunting gear.

Advantages of Ghillie Suits for Hunting

  • Nothing blends in better than a well-made ghillie suit.
  • The 3D texture breaks up your shape in almost all environments.
  • Extremally versatile.

Disadvantages of Ghillie Suits

  • It might be difficult to move around in.
  • Very bulky.
  • Can get extremely hot.

Digital Camo

Digital camo, also called digitized camo, is a relatively new pattern of camouflage. It became popular once the military incorporated it back in the early 2000’s. Most turkey hunters can find digital camo patterns on all types of jackets, boots, and vests.

They are easy to wear, comfortable, come in a wide range of sizes, and can boast a wide range of patterns or color tones. Sitka is a popular hunting company that uses their own patented digital camo patterns. While Sitka gear is expensive, it is renowned in the hunting community for its’ effectiveness.

For those looking for cheaper versions of digital camo, don’t worry. Since there are a potentially endless amount of digitized patterns, you can find all sorts of gear from extremely cheap, to very expensive. You can find a digital pattern printed on most any type of gear and accessory you can imagine.

Advantages of Digital Camouflage

  • Can be affordable.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes, patterns, and color tones.
  • Easily printed on any piece of clothing / gear.

Disadvantages of Digital Camouflage

  • May not offer the same ‘completeness’ of camouflage as the other types, depending on the pattern.
  • Tested widely against human eye sight, not animal eye sight. Experiences may vary.

Kryptek Camo

If you want something that straddles the line between a Realtree and Digital Camo, then Kryptek camouflage is the type that offers the best of both worlds. Kryptek camo comes in different shapes, sizes, and color tones. This type is also very wearable, being very comfortable and easy to move around with.

What sets this type of camo apart is its pattern, which is reminiscent of the type of camo you see soldiers wear. This is because military soldiers basically invented the initial pattern of Kryptek by laying a cargo net over their gear, and spray painting shades of brown over the net. This is why you see remnants of hexagons in this pattern of camo – it originates from the hexagons in the cargo nets. Kryptek greatly improved this design (obviously), and it is now a very great pattern that many hunters use.


Although it might not be as effective as a Ghillies Suit at ensuring a seamless blend with your surroundings, the design and look is more than serviceable when taking into account its affordability.

A kryptek design is also a great pattern to use when hydro-dipping you shotgun.

Advantages of Kryptek Camouflage

  • A great median option between digital camo and Realtree.
  • Potentially endless amount of patterns and colors.
  • Usually affordable.

Disadvantages of Kryptek Camouflage

  • Does not offer the same ‘completeness’ of camouflage as the other types.
  • Some animals will notice it more than others. Limited testing in turkey hunting, so far.

Summary - The Best Turkey Hunting Camo For the Right Environment

This sums up what you need to know to choose the best turkey hunting camo for your upcoming hunts. All of them have their pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide what works for you and your environment. Many turkey hunters will have several different outfits with different camo patterns for different scenarios. Getting latest and greatest camo slowly will become an addiction, and soon you’ll have closets full of nothing but turkey hunting gear.

Never forget – when all is said and done, the success of your hunt rests solely on your prowess as a hunter. Camouflage is just another one of those tools you use to make hunting even more enjoyable, exciting, and successful.