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Is Turkey Hunting Fun?

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Ever wonder why so many people consider turkey hunting extremely fun? Turkey hunting is an extremely popular sport, nowadays. Although this sport is a lot different today, compared to some decades ago, it is rich in tradition. As the years passed by, turkey hunters created new techniques to make the whole hunting process easier and more effective. That has made turkey hunting a very popular and rewarding sport for many people. From beginners to experienced hunters, everyone can have fun while hunting turkey. So, why is turkey hunting fun?

Native Americans used the wing bones of the turkeys themselves to hunt down other turkeys thousands of years ago.

Turkey Hunting is Somewhat Easier Than Hunting Other Animals

One of the reasons why turkey hunting is so popular today is that it’s pretty simple compared to hunting deer, for example. Although no one can claim that you can easily kill a wise old gobbler, you will not have to spend many hours planting food plots or hanging and trimming stand locations.

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With turkey hunting, you will not have to worry about wind direction either. This is great, particularly for beginners, who will manage to see the reward of their hunting trip quickly. When you don’t have to spend a whole day chasing after your animal target it is only natural that the experience seems more fun and exhilarating.

Interesting fact: Did you know more than 7 million wild turkeys can be found in the United States alone?

Turkey Hunting Is Fun Because It’s Very Interactive

Several hunting expeditions include waiting for long hours in a stand or blind for the prey to appear. That can be extremely boring, particularly if you are hunting alone. This is not the case with turkeys, however.

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There, you will always be on the move, walking, calling, glassing, and keep walking. What’s more, turkey hunting is usually a team sport. Hunters gather together, form small groups and work towards a common goal: shoot as many turkeys as possible. Whether you hunt down a turkey with a buddy or enjoy some relaxing time with him in a ground blind, there is definitely something fun about the whole activity. After all, turkey hunting is a much more light-hearted sport that almost no one takes too seriously.

For example, you should not fear someone shouting at you for killing his turkey (a thing that will definitely occur at times when hunting a deer or fox).

The Weather In Turkey Season Is Usually Better

A turkey’s peak breeding season is during the spring. April to May is the prime turkey season and turkeys try to attract hens with their gobble at that time. That is a great opportunity for hunters to mimic the sounds of hens and ultimately lure them into coming nearby.





Although not all turkey hunting days are warm and sunny, it is always refreshing and fun to get out and about in the spring, particularly after a cold winter. Particularly in places or states where turkey hunting can reach May, the temperatures may reach surprisingly high levels and that’s just great.

Calling The Turkeys Is The Most Fun You’ll Have

Most hunters will tell you that calling for turkeys is the best part of hunting. It really comes down to knowing exactly what to say at the right moment. In fact, you could say that calling a turkey is a form of art. Just like there is a different dance for every song, there is a different turkey call for each situation.

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To achieve greater results, you need to practice. A lot. Practicing sounding like a turkey is fun on its own.

Try Bow Hunting Turkeys For Maximum Fun!

Did you know you can hunt turkeys with a bow? While this is much, much more difficult than using your shotgun, the reward is worth it. Many avid hunters think that hunting with a bow during spring turkey season is one of the best hunts you can experience.

It requires bit more physical fitness than using a firearm, but the challenge is worth it. If you haven’t tried hunting with a bow yet, you really should give it a shot.

Summary – Why Is Turkey Hunting So Much Fun?

Turkey season is just like a night out with friends. It requires a bit of programming, a lot of positive energy, and promises to give you a lot of fun. It is great for beginner hunters for so many reasons. Most importantly, it is an activity you can easily pursue with friends and have the time of your life. And with some practice, you will manage to catch as many turkeys as you want.

Turkey hunting is an interactive sport that promises to leave you with a tone lot of happy memories. In fact for some, turkey hunting may be the only way of experiencing a hunting kill. After all, not every animal hunting is that easy and fun at the same time.

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