Electronic Turkey Calls: What Are They? How Do You Use Them?

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When you’re out in the field during turkey season, you can use several different calls to bring those birds in close. You’ve got your mouth calls, slate calls, and box calls – but did you know that there’s also such thing as an electronic turkey call? Electronic turkey calls, also called e-calls, are a newer […]

Turkey Calling: Different Types of Calls

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When turkey hunting, there are many different things to keep in mind while waiting for that massive, beard dragging Tom to come your way. One of the things you have to become proficient at is known as turkey calling. What does calling for turkeys do? What’s the most realistic call? How often should you call […]

How to Call a Turkey Within Shooting Range

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Like nearly every other animal you go hunting for, being able to call them in will drastically increase your chances of a successful hunt. In fact, one of the most excited parts of a spring turkey season involves knowing how to call a turkey – the right way. The art of turkey calling is what […]